Remote and Kansas City Jira Administration

More than 100,000 organization’s use Atlassian’s Jira to manage their work.

Jira was designed to facilitate agile workflow.

Is Jira empowering your team, or is it an impediment?

Customized Workflows


How happy are your developers with the workflow?

Depending upon the selected configuration, Jira includes a number of default workflows, and myriad options exist to customize workflow. The ability to customize workflows is very powerful – and some of that customization gets technical.

Yet when you dive into Jira Workflows, you quickly find that most of the time working on Workflows is not addressing technical issues within Jira, the real challenges lie in answering questions such as these:
– Should each team have their own custom workflow?
– What should that workflow be?
– Who, within the organization, should have access to the workflow?
РHow often does the team plan to evaluate the efficiency of their workflow? 


Jira Workflow Administration

Talk to your developers. See what they think of the current workflow. Find out if there are aspects of the workflow which are impeding their work and then fix those problems!

Someone within your organization needs to be a Workflow Champion, ensuring that each team has the best possible workflow for them — a workflow which enables and empowers them. This is not a one time event.

Christopher Maxwell

Jira Admin, Four Point Eleven

Controlling Access

An empirical pillar within Scrum is transparency, and Jira has the capability to bust open informational silos. Yet organizations thrive on compartmentalizing information.


How well does your organization share information? Do the departments and teams within your organization silo or share information?

At the same time, your teams need to primarily see their information as they are working on a daily basis.

Make sure that your Jira is configured to provide each team and department their primary space, with ready access to additional resources as needed.

Managerial Oversight

A tenet of Scrum is transparency. Another scrum requirement is self-managing teams. Jira can provide wonderful transparency and reports. Is that transparency feeding managerial oversight and organizational data, or is that information empowering and enabling your teams? Working with a Jira Administrator who is a Professional Scrum Master can help you avoid the pitfall of using Jira for the primary purpose of overseeing your employees (which results in discouraged employees who don’t trust you).

Porsches and Jira

Everyone knows that Porches are high performance vehicles. It’s no secret that¬† Porches need maintenance and tuning to achieve that performance.


Jira is the same way. You must invest resources into Jira to maintain and tune your environment. It’s not enough to get things set up once. That’s a good starting point. Yet you must continue to tune, optimize, and evaluate how well Jira is performing for your organization.

Remote or Kansas City Jira Administrator

As of 2023, Glassdoor estimates the average yearly pay for a Jira Administrator as $92,066. Four Point Eleven provides contract Jira Administration on a month-by month basis for a reasonable cost – whether you are located in the Kansas City region or are remote. Don’t let the cost of administering Jira hinder your organization’s success!

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