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Free PSM II Exam Prep
with Christopher Maxwell

Christopher Maxwell, Professional Scum Master 2

Over 550,000 people have their Professional Scrum Master I (PSM1) certification – which focuses on Scrum theory. Yet less than 40,000 have their Professional Scrum Master II (PSM2) certification – which focuses on the application of that theory to real world situations. We need a greater emphasis on the application of theory, and a good place to start is getting your PSM2.

Christopher Maxwell

Scrum Master & Exam Prep Coach

Professional Scrum Master 2

I participated in Christopher’s Professional Scrum Master Level 2 exam prep course. The support and coaching were exactly what I needed and I truly enjoyed the classes and study. Christopher kept me motivated each week, and I was excited to get my PSM2 by scoring 97% on the exam. I appreciated learning not only what I needed for exam, but also better how to apply Scrum theory to various real world situations. If you want your PSM2, I highly recommend Christopher’s exam prep class!

Mila Tymofiienko, Project Manager

December2023 PSM2 Exam Prep Class, How Does It Work?

For PSM2, you can self-study or attend an official class. My training classes are in-between: you get the speed and low-cost of self-study, with the efficiency of an unofficial coach guiding you through the process to save you time. And yes, as a disclaimer, I’ll say right up front: my exam prep is neither endorsed by, nor a partnership with, nor affiliated with I am simply helping you prepare for Scrum .org’s Professional Scrum Master® level 2 (PSM II ®) assessment.

We will meet 3 times in December for a 45-60 minute training session. The training sessions are motivating, encouraging, and focused on what you need to do for your certification. A key part of the live training sessions are learning exam “elimination theory”: how to eliminate possible answers based on Scrum Theory. In fact, over the course of our meetings we will work through more than 15 sample questions, and I will teach you how to correctly answer PSM2 scenario questions, without even knowing what the question is. While this doesn’t always work so well on other exams, it does very well for PSM2.

Each week you will have an assignment to complete. The assignment will be emailed to you, as well as posted to the Slack channel. The assignments are not complicated, but do take time. You will need to plan on spending between 3 and 6 hours a week studying. There isn’t time for me to teach you everything. I am here to facilitate and coach you on your learning journey! If you do not spend time studying, you will have a hard time passing the exam. If you follow the assignments, the exam will be familiar to you and, if not “easy”, it will be “easier than you expect”.

Why Free Exam Prep?

I am currently in-between positions (open to remote Scrum Master role). When I established the Scrum Master Consortium – my desire to was help others deepen their understanding of Scrum by gaining additional certifications. If the free class gets too full I can always set up a paid overflow class, but I think we’ll be able to fit into a free group in December.

I know a lot of organizations offer some type of free class that turns out to be a 30 minute sales pitch for their other paid services. Not me. I have no agile coaching upsells or expensive consulting packages. The free exam prep is exactly what it sounds like: free exam prep to help you get certified. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Training is conducted in English.


Meetings are held via Google Meetings. You will receive an invite code prior to the class starting.

Slack Channel

When you join the group, whether you are in the free or paid class, you’ll get access to my Slack. We’re all on the same team and are working to learn and support each other.

What if I miss a meeting?

First, let me say this: if you miss a meeting, statistically, the likelihood of your completing your PSM2 drops double digits. So, don’t miss a meeting!

Yet, life happens and schedule conflicts can occur.

One of the benefits of the paid class is that the meetings are recorded and I can send you a recording of any missed meeting.

Is PSM1 or CSM a prerequisite for PSM2 exam prep??

  • On the one hand, no, does not have any prerequisites for taking PSM2. Anyone who pays 250 USD to can get an exam voucher and attempt the exam. If you pass, you have demonstrated your knowledge and are certified. From that standpoint, you do not need PSM1.
  • On the other hand, PSM1 focuses on the core concepts of Scrum Theory, while PSM2 focuses on applying those concepts in various scenarios. Having your PSM1 (and being familiar with Scrum) makes the PSM2 an easier exam.
  • For my exam prep? So far: I have not required PSM1 (or CSM). However, without a prior certification you should expect to work harder and spend extra time in study. The key here is to start PSM2 exam prep class with a strong understanding of Scrum.

December 2023, FREE PSM2 Exam Prep Info:

Free class meeting dates and times:

Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. USA CST time, December 5, 12, and 19

Note that the free class means “free class”, it doesn’t mean free certification. The PSM2 certification costs 250 USD per attempt, and you pay that amount to (later on) for an exam voucher. In the free class you will also need to buy a set of Udemy practice questions. Which means your total cost to get PSM2 certification in the free class, assuming you pass on the first attempt (which, if you complete the assignments, you will pass) is 20 USD to Udemy + 250 USD exam fee to Scrum .org = 270 USD.

Please DO NOT sign up unless you are committed to attending the meetings, completing the assignments (3-6 hours per week), and taking the exam. There is only so much space in the free class (30 slots) and I want those slots to go to those who are committed to getting their PSM2.

If you are committed, you CAN achieve PSM2!

Thank you so much for creating such opportunities and motivating everyone in the study group during our sessions. Your guidance and techniques helped me a lot in clearing the exam. Also my favorite part was timeboxing the whole process which keep me going and I remain focused & committed towards the goal.

Pragya Negi

Scrum Master

I recently took Christopher’s PSM2 exam prep class. He is an amazing teacher, extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. The course content, pace, and study assignments were right on track and was what I hoping it would all be. If you are looking to achieve your Professional Scrum Master II certification, I highly recommend Christopher’s course.

Kevin Smartwood, Scrum Master

Legal Information and Disclaimer

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