Firm Foundation Academy

A non-accredited private school recognized by the state of Kansas since 2018. 

preparing students for life

An emphasis on academic, emotional, and spiritual success.


A Firm Foundation

Addressing a child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being provides a solid foundation for learning academics.


Old Fashioned

An early emphasis on reading, writing, and arithmetic might sound old fashioned, but is a key part of our recipe for success.



Computers are not a separate “class” at our school: they are simply a part of life. Yet we haven’t gotten rid of books: books still play a vital role, too.


Individual Attention

Small class sizes allow us to provide each student individual attention and tutoring.


A Desire to Learn

We seek to spark a lifelong desire to learn in each of our students. A child who only learns during their years in school is headed for failure.


Pursue Passion

While the basics must be covered by all, each student has their own varied and unique passions. Whether it is software development or music performance, we foster and fuel our student’s interest in learning.


Enrollment is not currently open. When enrollment is open a form will be added to this web site in this location.

Our Schedule

While our schedule is unique to our school, we generally follow the Leavenworth USD 453’s school schedule.


Our faculty

Each member of our faculty has a passion for seeing children succeed. Our staff are not only exceptionally committed, but are readily accessible throughout the school day. Answering a child’s question or helping a student is not an interruption, but is a part of our calling.


Have a Question?

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