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95% of all small business websites are missing one (or more)
of these 3 VITAL elements:




Search Engine

I’m Christopher Maxwell, and I build and manage successful (and affordable) web sites for small businesses.


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Let’s get back to those three elements. Does your web site have them? Are they really all THAT important to your site’s success?


If you have a moment, scroll down the page and I’ll show you what I am referring to.

Quality Photos

Which veterinarian would you trust?

The site using stockart?


Stockart is cheap but “looks good”. Here’s the problem with stockart (and it’s something you subconciously know when you see it on someone else’s web site): stockart is fake. It isn’t “real”.

Site visitors know that stockart is fake.

Do you want your site communicating the message to your customers that you are fake?

(click the right arrow to see the other examples)

The site that uses a smartphone photo?


Smartphone photos are cheap and easy. While they aren’t “fake” like stockart, smartphone photos are generally lacking quality.

The last thing you want your web site communicating to your customers is that you lack quality.

Or this one?

Why not instead show a quality photo of real people? When you walk in the door at this small business, you will see the people in the photo.

Every small business should have these types of real, quality, photos on their site.

relevant content

Which dentist has a relevant homepage?

The contest homepage?


This is a real homepage for an actual dentist. Apparently you can enter a contest to win some type of concert tickets.

Is this the dentist you would want to visit?

(then click the right arrow to see the other examples)

The homepage all about location?


As you can see, this dentist’s homepage is all about their location. Is that relevant to you as a consumer? Is your #1 concern when looking for a dentist their location?

Or this one?


This is a site that I built: for a dentist who doesn’t use hygienists to clean teeth. That sets him apart from every other dentist I have ever known (think about it: when was the last time a dentist cleaned your teeth?).

Which dentist has relevant content on their homepage?

Search Engine Optimization

Which search result would you click first?

In the preceding sample screenshot, the site I built in 2014 is ranking better than the market leading site which was launched in 2000.

While I am definitely not claiming that any site I build will rank #1 in Google – here’s the thing: small businesses, by and large, are typically competing locally against other small businesses. Competition seems stiff when it’s “you” competing, but by and large, local competition against other small businesses is generally a feasible task.

Building a site with SEO in mind pays dividends over time. SEO is a complex area that has, at it’s core, a very simple premise: create quality content that users will love (yes, Google evaluates whether users are satisfied with your site) and other sites will want to link to.

For some sites, all that is needed is a quality website built with solid SEO. For other sites SEO is a vital aspect of the site’s success and will be an ongoing focus.

Does your site perform well in the search engines?

All of that Sounds Expensive, right?

Well, it can be. And if you are going to have a web site doesn’t it make sense to have a successful site?

First you hire someone to create quality content for the site (or try to write pages of it yourself). Quality content creation is one of those things that is generally “easier said than done”.

Next, finding and hiring a professional photographer. More often than not: expensive.

Then comes finding a reputable SEO agency. There are thousands of SEO agencies, and finding one that will provide you the services you need (not more, not less) while following all of Google’s guidelines isn’t easy. Why? Because all SEO agencies will say they follow Google’s guidelines, just like they will almost all say they don’t use overseas contract workers to actually do the work. SEO prices range from affordable to very expensive.

Once all of that is done you need to find someone who can bring all of those puzzle pieces together and build a modern, functional web site. After the site is built you’ll need it to be maintained (or you will find yourself in the same boat as many small businesses: they have a web site, but it is old, outdated and no longer relevant).

Or you Work with me.

Why me? It seems like there are a million agencies that build web sites? What sets me apart?

First, I only build websites for small businesses, and only for small businesses that are a good fit. If you are a large business or if we aren’t “clicking” together, then I’m not the one for you. I want you to be happy and also to feel a personal connection with the agency handling your site.

Second, I am 100% focused on the three vital components that will make your website successful: quality photos, relevant content, and search engine optimization. I have been heavily involved in those three areas of work since I was a teenager (back in the 90’s).

Third, I know that small businesses do not have big budgets. That’s why there are several options for hiring me. You can pay a fair hourly rate, or, can pay a flat fee of $100/month for the initial web site project. Practically any small business can afford to put $100/month towards a modern website that will properly represent their business to site visitors (as well as Google), and that $100 includes everything: content creation, photography, SEO, fast web hosting, Google email, a custom domain name — everything! The $100/month flat fee’s initial contract term typically ranges from 24 to 48 months, depending upon complexity. Following that, the monthly fee goes away, the web site is 100% yours, and your monthly costs go to practically nothing.

Interested in finding out more? Let’s talk (contact form is at the bottom of this page)!

Some of my PROJECTS

If you have a minute, I’d love to show you some of my work.

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