Remote Scrum Master
and Jira Administration

Christopher Maxwell, Professional Scum Master 2

Processes, methodologies and frameworks do not create software, solve complex problems, or deliver value. People do. And people need to be valued as the asset that they are – and not as an expense.

Do the developers in your organization feel valued?

Christopher Maxwell

Scrum Master & Jira Admin

Professional Scrum Master 2

Scrum Is All About Relationships

Scrum is a simple and lightweight framework. The Scrum framework is purposely incomplete, only defining the necessary parts and intentionally not providing detailed instructions. The rules of Scrum guide relationships and interactions. As the rules of scrum are followed, value is generated for the organization. How are relationships within your organization and your development teams?

Jira Administration

If your organization is running Jira, you should already know that Jira is powerful. And complex. Jira is designed to empower teams, improve efficiency, and break down silos. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to have the exact opposite happening IRL: teams constantly reminded of how little autonomy they have over their work, ineffectively having to fill out unnecessary fields, and walled silos being reinforced.

Need help administering your Jira implementation?

Assistance implementing Atlassian's Jira

"Any Scrum without working product at the end of a sprint is a failed Scrum."

– Jeff Sutherland

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Scrum Master Service

Remote, contract, professional Scrum Master Services to improve your organization’s application of the scrum framework and your team’s efficiency and satisfaction.

Jira Administration

Jira is a powerful tool, but as with Porches, that powerful tool  requires time and expertise to ensure it is functioning well and actually improving your team’s efficiency.

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